Quality Wheel Adapters made in the USA

Most wheel adapters are not Made in the USA

Change the pattern from 5 lugs x 4.5 inches to 5 lugs x 5 inches apart. ( 5 x 114.3mnm to 5 x 127.mm)

Track bar relocation

$125. or   $100 with a set of tires.


Jeep Wrangler Lift Kits in Nashua

$30. or   $25. with a set of tires.


TJ with JK wheels, JK wheels on a TJ

Wrangler tires and wheels available on new Jeeps

Quality Spare Tire Pattern Adapter and Relocater.

Change the pattern and relocate the spare.  Buying a 5th wheel adapter is not going to work on the larger tires.

Track Bar Relocater

The rear and the front bars need adjustments and you will need an alignment.

Spare tire adapter in Nashua

Put Newer Jeep Wrangler Tires on

Older Jeep Wranglers 1997-2006 (TJ)

Upgrade your Wranglers Tires and Wheels

Wrangler TJ to JK JL Adapters

Adapters needed to fit the newer Wrangler tires and wheels on the older Wranglers.

Wheel Adpaters in Nashua
Wrangler Budget Boost Lift Kits

$100. or    $75. with a set of tires.


$43. or    $40. with a set of tires.


Transfer case drop kit

Jeep Wrangler Wheel Adapters in Nashua

Older Jeeps:

If you are going to do some real off-roading you will need a lift so the tires don't hit the fenders on big bumps.

The larger JK Wrangler tires may rub a stock TJ Wrangler at full turn or hard off-road driving.

Simply lift it two inches then...

All Clear!   AND   Looking Great!Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit, Budget Boost in Nashua

Wheel adapters are required.  A lift is not required for on road use.  A lift would be required if you are going "off-roading".

$58. or    $50. with a set of tires. 


Jeep Wrangler wheel adapters and spare spacers in Nashua.

Jeep Wrangler lift kits in Nashua.

Two inch Budget Boost for Wranglers

For Wranglers that need a lift to fit larger tires.  This is the minimum. Others don't tell you that you need the items below. 

Budget Boost lift kits
Transfer Case Drop

To realign the drive shafts to reduce vibrations and reduce wear on the driveline and ujoints and pinion seals.

Jeep Wrangler wheel and tire packages